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February 1, 2010 NEWS RELEASE


Longview Jerky Shop has Jerky for all 4 Blood types



Route 40 Soup Company also has a MENU for all 4 Blood types



CONGRATULATIONS to Gloria's Restaurant in Yelapa, Jalisko, Mexico

For Reservations 011-52-322-209-5091

Gloria's Restaurant


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1 - When you eat a product that is on your avoid list your body immediately goes into a cleanse cycle instead of a regenerative cycle for 90 minutes.

2 - If after the 90 minutes the body cannot cleanse out that Toxin (consumed product) it captures it in a fat cell to prevent that Toxin from beating up the body.

3 - If you eat foods that are beneficial for your body and happen to add a food on your avoid list, it will cause the body to go into a cleansing cycle. You now have wasted 90 minutes of your life. That meal entirely beats up your body, causing unnecessary stress.

4 - Your body does better if you eat one type of food in each 90 minute digestive cycle.

5 - Complicated meals eaten during a 90 minute cycle may taste good but usually end up interfering with THAT 90 minute digestive cycle.

6 - Eating 5 -7 times a day is desirable and less stressful for your body.

7 - You will learn what food tastes like if you don't mess it up with all the condiments.

8 - If you wish total body balance you must avoid your total avoid list.

9 - The body regenerates every cell every 7 years, "IF YOU HELP BY NOT EATING YOUR AVOID LIST!".

10 - Each time you eat a Toxin found on your avoid list you have wasted 90 minutes of your life, the 90 minutes, the money cost on that food, plus the money spent trying to put your body back in balance - NOT A GOOD PROGRAM.

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est. March 21, 2008

After 30 years of researching this awesome information is available to you on our website.
The besmartwithfood.com program is connected to your blood type. Your program will be available to you after you sign up.

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In Canada - call 1 888 2DONATE (1 888 236 6283) Donor clinics plus NEW FREE BLOOD TYPE CLINICS In Quebec - call 1 888 666 4362
Information available is based on your blood type, this being the most accurate way known to
achieve ultimate health.

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